The Process - The Synergy of Working Together

This is what you can expect from Perfect Fit :

  • Free Consultation - I will visit with the various people you choose from your organization for an hour or two to get the big picture for your website - how many pages will be required to accomplish your goals, what features will be involved, etc.
  • Web Design - Putting the Pieces togetherFree Estimate - After the consultation, I will submit a quote for what the work should cost, how long I expect it to take and terms of payment. (If it is a big project, I will have you prioritize the different features and will cost it out in phases, if you desire.) I believe in letting you know the cost up front , rather than giving you an hourly rate and using the "we'll see how long it takes" approach. If you need graphic design work, I have a business partner that I work with who is VERY affordable and does a great job.
  • Ongoing email correspondence during design phase - throughout the project, I will work with you by email (and by phone when needed) to request content, images, etc. from you, to ask questions,and to have you to look at work in progress that I have uploaded to a test area. Your involvement will be crucial for providing the necessary pieces so we can get your site up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Going live! - Once you give the "thumbs up" to the newly created site, I will release it to the public and send you your first invoice. This invoice covers the setup cost and the first month of hosting, domain and maintenance (as needed).
  • Hosting, Domain name, and Maintenance - getting a website up and running is more than just creating the site. It also includes having a "host" put it on their server, giving it a "domain name" so you have a web address that is easy to remember, making sure the search engines find your site, and making changes as needed. Perfect Fit can take care of all of this for you! But if you already have hosting or want to handle some things yourself, these are options as well.