Mobile Web Design


Perfect Fit Web Design offers cell phone web design (otherwise known as mobile phone web design). There are two approaches we take:

  1. We can set up your regular site as a "Responsive" site, which means the website adjusts to the user's device whether it is a cell phone, a tablet or a computer monitor.  This works well for smaller websites. Example: Searcy Girls Softball or Wilkerson Funeral Home  (if you are on your PC, you can reduce the width of your browser window to see how it adjusts to a tablet or cell phone width).
  2. We can build a separate mobile site that only shows the content your users, considering the needs of those who need to view your site in a mobile environment. .  This works well for larger sites, because your users don't necessarily need ALL of your content when they are out and about.  Example: 

Our mobile web design includes: