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Running a business, a non-profit organization, or a church is like putting a puzzle together. There are so many pieces that have to be in place to be successful. One piece that is often missing is a professional web presence.

My goal is to be the perfect fit for that missing piece. When we bring your world of expertise and my world of expertise together, we end up with a better result than either of us could have achieved alone!



Lower than market value prices and lower still for churches, ministries and service organizations.



I work closely with you to make a site that is a perfect fit for your organization. You only pay for features/services that you need.



Perfect Fit provides "One-stop-shopping" for your web page needs. That includes

  • Web Design
  • Hosting
  • Domain name(s) your customers can remember
  • Making sure the search engines find you
  • Options for maintaining your site -" full service", or "do-it-yourself" using a Joomla! content management system
  • Cell phone version of your site
  • Logo design and business cards by our graphic design partner

Of course, if you don't need all of those services, you can pick and choose the ones you do need.



I hold myself to a very high standard of quality service for my clients: I work as hard as I would for the Lord.

Perfect Fit Web Design has built over 70 websites.  About half are businesses and about half are non-profits, churches and ministries.  Some of these show client comments (when I remembered to ask for them) or my own comments about the site.  Just click on the down arrow when available below a thumbnail  to see the comments.

Our Favorite Links



  • Truth or Fiction - whenever you get e-rumors, please verify them on this site before passing them on. Examples: Madeline Murray O'Hare censoring radio
  • Symantec Virus list - whenever you get an email telling you a friend has infected you with a virus and how to delete it, verify it on this web page or you might actually harm your system.
  • Email Marketing - If you want to start an e-newsletter to connect with your customers, use this link: Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact




  • Focus on the Family- great resources and articles for Christian families, my favorite of which are:
    • Heritage Builders - more ideas for instilling values in your kids
    • Plugged In - movie, music, TV reviews from a Christian family perspective
  • MOPS International - If you are a mother with infants or preschoolers, find a local MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers). You can make friends with other moms who struggle with the same things you do while your children are well cared for down the hall.
  • Ted Dekker - my favorite Christian Fiction author. If you like suspense without the immorality of regular fiction, read one of these novels!
  • Operation Christmas Child - Worldwide project for anyone to pack a shoebox with toys and send it across the world to a needy child. It is easy, cheap, and fun!



Mobile Web Design


Perfect Fit Web Design offers cell phone web design (otherwise known as mobile phone web design). There are two approaches we take:

  1. We can set up your regular site as a "Responsive" site, which means the website adjusts to the user's device whether it is a cell phone, a tablet or a computer monitor.  This works well for smaller websites. Example: Searcy Girls Softball or Wilkerson Funeral Home  (if you are on your PC, you can reduce the width of your browser window to see how it adjusts to a tablet or cell phone width).
  2. We can build a separate mobile site that only shows the content your users, considering the needs of those who need to view your site in a mobile environment. .  This works well for larger sites, because your users don't necessarily need ALL of your content when they are out and about.  Example: AdoptionOption.mobi 

Our mobile web design includes:

  • Purchasing a .mobi domain name for you
  • BETTER THAN APPS - our pages have an app-like look to them, but because they are viewed in a browser, the user doesn't have to have access to a certain app store, like on an iPhone
  • Pages that work on many different phones and carriers
  • Easy to use navigation to get between pages
  • Submission to search engines
  • QR code flier and a plain QR code you can use in your advertising to get people to your new mobile site (if we build a separate site instead of a responsive site). See sample QR code flier.
  • Redirect service - if the user first tries to visit your regular site on their cell phone, they are redirected to the mobile site for a better experience.
  • A link to the full website. If the user wants more information, they can view your regular website. The user gets to choose to view a mobile version of your full website, or the standard view.
  • Easy-to-use administration tool so you can make your own changes.
  • Special bookmark icon if the user chooses to bookmark the page (looks like an app icon on their home screen).
  • Other special options like Facebook or Twitter link, coupons, forms, videos, booking request, product list, image gallery, calendar from Google Calendars, Reviews from Yelp or FourSquare, and more are also available.



The Process - The Synergy of Working Together

This is what you can expect from Perfect Fit :

  • Free Consultation - I will visit with the various people you choose from your organization for an hour or two to get the big picture for your website - how many pages will be required to accomplish your goals, what features will be involved, etc.
  • Web Design - Putting the Pieces togetherFree Estimate - After the consultation, I will submit a quote for what the work should cost, how long I expect it to take and terms of payment. (If it is a big project, I will have you prioritize the different features and will cost it out in phases, if you desire.) I believe in letting you know the cost up front , rather than giving you an hourly rate and using the "we'll see how long it takes" approach. If you need graphic design work, I have a business partner that I work with who is VERY affordable and does a great job.
  • Ongoing email correspondence during design phase - throughout the project, I will work with you by email (and by phone when needed) to request content, images, etc. from you, to ask questions,and to have you to look at work in progress that I have uploaded to a test area. Your involvement will be crucial for providing the necessary pieces so we can get your site up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Going live! - Once you give the "thumbs up" to the newly created site, I will release it to the public and send you your first invoice. This invoice covers the setup cost and the first month of hosting, domain and maintenance (as needed).
  • Hosting, Domain name, and Maintenance - getting a website up and running is more than just creating the site. It also includes having a "host" put it on their server, giving it a "domain name" so you have a web address that is easy to remember, making sure the search engines find your site, and making changes as needed. Perfect Fit can take care of all of this for you! But if you already have hosting or want to handle some things yourself, these are options as well.

Why shouldn't I create my website myself or use a tech-savvy volunteer?

"Many of my friends advised me to create my own website.  I knew better.  Having Wendy create the site has helped me save time, money, and a great deal of frustration.  I also learned quite a bit about internet technology during the making of my website. " Betty Karol Wilson

Building a websiteYes, there are a lot of tools out ther now to create your own website. Ask yourself these questions before you or a member of your organization attempts to create your website:

  • How much time will it take for you or someone else to learn the web design software? How could you better invest that time?
  • Will the person who creates the site be around long-term to maintain it?
  • Once you have the site up, how will you get the search engines to notice it?
  • Will your images be optimized so the web pages download quickly?
  • Will your website be optimized for viewing on a cell phone?
  • What will you do if you want more advanced options like a photo gallery, online forms, etc?

I have the experience needed to create professional websites to address these issues. Your time is valuable. Use it doing what YOU do best and leave the web design to me.

This is true for maintaining the site as well. I can set it up for you to be able to make changes yourself, but most of my clients that opt for that get frustrated learning how and finding the time. I highly recommend letting me maintain the site for you by paying a small monthly fee and enjoying the ease of sending me simple emails when you need changes made.

Why should I hire Perfect Fit Web Design ?

When my in-laws purchased their house, their realtor spent a lot of time asking them questions. After they looked at a house, he would ask "What would you change about that house? What did you like about that house?" and so on. Because of his extensive questioning, he quickly narrowed the market down to two houses that would best meet their needs and desires. In the end they found the perfect fit .

That is the kind of service you will get from Perfect Fit Web Design . I will spend a lot of time getting to know your company and asking questions about your vision, your goals and your style. That is because I believe the key ingredient to creating the perfect website for your company is YOUR input. Your website is your image to the world and before I create it for you I want to know more about who you are and what you want to accomplish.

I have always laughed at clothes whose tag says "One size fits all". I don't know about you, but those clothes usually don't fit me ! The same is true with web design. Some web designers offer different "packages" to choose from. The problem is, you may not fit well into those packages, so you either pay for more than you need, or you don't get everything you really would like to have. With Perfect Fit Web Design, you will get the site that you want at a great price.

Why Invest in the Web?

  • Reach out to more people - Even a small business or ministry in a small town can sell its products or provide services to people all over the world. A ministry can be supported by anyone on the globe. When deciding whether to invest in a website, think how much value just one more customer or supporter could bring over a year's time. You will probably find the investment will pay for itself in no time!
  • Provide better service - The web is convenient and more and more people shop there. I know as a mother, I love being able to buy Christmas presents, sign my kids up for a class or give money to feed a family in Venezuela, all from my home computer! You can accept credit card payments without accepting the risk for fraudulent buyers, even if you are not currently set up to accept credit cards.